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Generate your very own Secret Service code name

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The most energized Jeb Bush has been for the entirety of the still-amazingly young 2016 election cycle came when he finally landed a good counterpunch against Donald Trump.

During CNN's 14-hour-long debate/telethon Wednesday night, each of the 11 top candidates was asked what he or she would like to be called by the Secret Service if elected president. (President Obama's code name is "Renegade," for example.) Bush seemed to be ready for the question.

"Eveready," he offered -- and then turned to his right. "It's very high-energy, Donald."

The crowd loved it, and Trump -- who has repeatedly criticized Bush for being "low-energy" -- offered his hand for a low-five, which Bush eagerly accepted. That they were still on their feet two-and-a-half hours into the debate was notable enough -- much less that they were offering any other physical activity. (By the way, Eveready was Bush's code name as governor he told reporters this week.)

However. About half of the other code names offered by candidates were bad. Rand Paul wants to be called "Justice Never Sleeps," which is awkward, at best.

[The GOP candidates' code names: ranked]

We are here to help. We created a little tool that will allow Paul -- or you, I guess -- to generate a Secret Service code name, so that you don't get stuck with something dumb and so that, if you're ever put on the spot, you have something ready to go. (We're using code names!)

We can't guarantee you'll love it as much as Bush loved "Eveready," but who knows.

Most of the code names are from these lists of military code names. Some, however, come from here.

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