Donald Trump was very annoyed when he called in to CNN on Thursday morning.

"It was sort of interesting yesterday. Your reporter in South Carolina who was absolutely terrible," Trump said, referring to CNN's Randi Kaye, who covered Trump's speech in Charleston. "I made a speech to the African American Chamber of Commerce in South Carolina. Wonderful people. And the room was full, every seat was full. When I went to the stage, everybody forward. They all rushed to the front of the room. It was a ballroom. They all rushed to the front of the room. And when they did that, you had half of the seats in the back were empty, because everyone was standing in the front."

Trump went on to ask that his interviewer tell CNN head Jeff Zucker that it was terrible reporting.

Photos suggest that it wasn't.

Reuters photographer Randall Hill took a photo of a man named Lloyd Petersen, checking his camera before Trump spoke. Rows of empty seats are visible behind him.

Associated Press photographer Mic Smith captured the crowd during Trump's speech. You can see Trump on stage, gesturing. And you can see that most of the audience members are still in their seats.

Another photo by Smith shows the scene more clearly. Some people standing. Most not.

Trump, as we noted earlier, has a habit of glossing over or exaggerating things that don't fit his narrative of greatness. We will report, in this case, that CNN's assessment appears to have been the correct one.

Update: Trump keeps on fighting, by way of his Instagram page.

Notice, though, that his photos don't actually support his claim. The only one that shows much of the crowd is the one at lower left -- which only shows the first few rows of people. As our third photo shows above, those were apparently the only few rows to actually stand.

During a campaign rally at the Charleston Convention Center, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton was 'the original birther.' (Reuters)