Outgoing House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) made abundantly clear Sunday just how he feels about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) — effectively calling him a "jackass" without actually using that term.

During an appearance on CBS's "Face the Nation," Boehner was asked about whether Cruz was one of the "false prophets" within the GOP that Boehner had talked about. He demurred, with a demonstrative gulp from his mug. "Listen, you can pick a lot of names out. I'll let you choose them."

But then, he couldn't help himself. Asked again about Cruz, he had a sly reply.

"I refer you to my remark at a fundraiser I made in August in Steamboat Springs, Colorado," Boehner said.

To the casual viewer, that wouldn't register. But the remark Boehner references, first reported by the Daily Caller, was that Cruz was a "jackass."

That was at a closed-door fundraiser; this was in a very public forum on TV. Boehner has clearly been exasperated by the likes of Cruz and his followers in the GOP Congress. Now that he's headed out the door, he seems to feel more liberated to express that.

We can probably expect more of this in the days and weeks ahead.