Sometimes, politicians put their feet in their mouths.

All the time, Stephen Colbert is on it.

The late night host freely admits it's a politician's job to talk 24/7 with cameras and microphones in their faces, and his job is to joke in a controlled environment about the mistakes the politicos all eventually make.

But, hey, what's late night TV is for if not that? On Wednesday, Colbert paid particular attention to two men whose mouths have gotten them in trouble recently: Jeb Bush and Kevin McCarthy.

Bush's comment about "Stuff happens" when talking about school shootings was initially seen as a potentially major gaffe. When the full context of the quote came out, though, it became clear that the two-word quote wasn't as dismissive as it seemed. Bush was talking about how a governor responds to many kinds of tragedies. Of course, Bush's choice of words could certainly have been better, and Colbert's choice to highlight them demonstrates why.

"The point is: Jeb Bush clearly has all the advantages that a candidate could want and should be doing way better," Colbert says. "But when he says things like that after 142 school shootings since Sandy Hook, it sounds like he's got -- how can I put this delicately -- 'stuff' for brains."