The quick summary of the new CBS News poll released Sunday morning is an easy one: Not much has changed in the Republican presidential field. Donald Trump leads, just as he did in CBS's last poll, and Ben Carson is in second. Most of the candidates moved only slightly since CBS' September poll -- except Ted Cruz, who went from 5 percent to 9 percent.

Which means that the line-up for the upcoming CNBC debate didn't change much either. Rand Paul, who needs to average more than 3 percent in polling to make the main stage, got 4 percent in the CBS survey. Lindsey Graham didn't get the 1 percent he needs to be in the lower-tier debate.

If you take a slice of the Real Clear Politics polling average from one and two months ago, the change varies. Trump is back where he was in August (though he's seen a slight uptick recently). Carson, Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina are up; Bush and Huckabee are down.

What's particularly interesting in the CBS poll is not the topline numbers, but the ones that underlie them. About 1 in 5 Republicans wouldn't support Trump if he were the nominee, but in general he's viewed more positively than Jeb Bush -- both by Republicans and voters on the whole.

The most interesting nugget in the polling, though, may be this: Half of Republicans say that the quality they prefer in a president is business experience. (Among primary voters, the figure is 55 percent.) By contrast, half of Democrats say they prefer experience in government, while far fewer want business experience.

That's a wide gap. It's not clear if Republicans say that because they like Trump, or that they like Trump because they want someone from the world of business. (And same for Democrats: Are they just reacting to the Summer-and-Now-Autumn of Trump?)

But it helps explain why Trump and Carson earn just shy of half of the total support from all Republican voters. And it helps to explain why, three months after he unexpectedly rose to the top of the Republican field, Trump remains there.