Up until Tuesday night, Joe Biden's waiting game regarding his 2016 plans had been working nicely. Interest in the vice president soared even as support for Hillary Clinton's front-running candidacy waned.  But on Tuesday in Las Vegas, Clinton turned in the best performance of her campaign so far and, in so doing, may have quieted -- or at least shushed -- the doubters who were agitating for a Biden bid.  As WaPo's Dan Balz wrote:

Vice President Biden’s lengthy deliberations over whether to run for president hit a sizable speed bump Tuesday night. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s strong performance robbed Biden of a partial rationale for running and also probably shortened his timeline for making a decision.
In the post-debate spin room at the Wynn resort and casino late Tuesday night, speculation about Biden’s future was inextricably connected to Clinton’s dominant evening against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and three other rivals. The question on the minds of many there was whether there is now adequate space in the Democratic race for the vice president.

One debate does not a turnaround make, of course. But Clinton's performance likely truncates Biden's timeline to say, once and for all, if he's running.