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How to disappear completely, by Lincoln Chafee

At the democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, candidate Lincoln Chafee tried to excuse his voting record on Glass-Steagall as his 'very first vote.' (Video: CNN)
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Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee was never going to win the Democratic presidential nomination. He's only been a Democrat for about two years, he was a very unpopular governor, he has very little charisma and he's not exactly smooth on the debate stage.

In fact, he was named one of our "losers" of the debate — despite the very low bar for the also-rans in the Democratic presidential race — in large part for his tortured answers to why he supported a couple bills that included the Patriot Act, which liberals have come to hate.

But he was also the debate's — or rather, the debates' — big loser in another way: Speaking time.

In fact, as our own Kevin Schaul shows, despite the Democratic debate featuring half as many candidates as the GOP debates, nobody spoke less on either side of the presidential debates than Chafee.

Then again, given how unhelpful many of the words he spoke were, perhaps that was a good thing.