They mercilessly made fun of the Republicans after their debates. Now it's Democrats' turn to be the butt of late-night jokes. Here are four late night hosts and their take on Tuesday's first Democratic presidential debate: (Over/under on how many Lincoln Chafee jokes, anyone?*)

Jimmy Kimmel thought the debate itself wasn't too exciting -- more like "a slightly uncomfortable book club." The most interesting part was the opening, Kimmel said, which he thought was very Vegas.

But in case you did want an actual recap beyond the intro, Seth Meyers has your play-by-play of "The Overcompens-Debate."

In Stephen Colbert's version, there were mean-spirited signs on the wall that read "F CNN," and Chafee was the winner of the high school essay contest "Why I Deserve To Be in the Presidential Debate." Oh, and something about a 74-year-old white guy not being interested in e-mails.

GOP presidential front-runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson didn't miss anything Tuesday night. Or at least they tried not to. Jimmy Fallon takes us through Trump's and Carson's reactions.

*I counted about 5,672 Lincoln Chafee jokes in those four clips.