Did you know there's an election in Canada on Monday? For the top job of prime minister?

In case, as John Oliver puts it, you're waiting until literally the last minute to learn about it, here are the facts, summarized from BBC: After one of the longest campaigns in Canadian history (78 days!), Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to hang on for a rare fourth term, but he's in a tight race with three other challengers, specifically Justin Trudeau, the son of a late prime minister who has been compared to Barack Obama.

Oliver has some strong feelings about who should win — or rather, who should not win. His segment Sunday is catered to two audiences: If you're American, he tries to convince you to care about the outcome of our next door neighbor's elections (also, wait until you hear about the scandal that caused a candidate in a local election to drop out). If you're Canadian, Oliver not-so-subtly tries to influence your vote. With a moose and a snow plow, among other things.

The video contains some profanity and sexually explicit language.