The best day of Jim Webb's 2016 presidential campaign might have been the day he ended it.

In exiting the Democratic primary  Tuesday, the former Virginia senator and one-time Reagan Navy secretary got a chance to display his no-nonsense-yet-also-pretty-goofy analysis of American politics.

Here are the eight best/strangest/most-Jim-Webb quotes from Webb's last day running for president (as a Democrat at least):

1. Very specific language

Webb, one of the most conservative Democrats in the race on issues like guns and the environment, said there's just not room for him in the Democratic Party anymore. Close political watchers would note he was very specific about the campaign he was ending. (Emphasis ours.)

"So, here we are. I'm stepping aside from the Democratic primary process."

2. Playing coy

That's because Webb is leaving the door open to an independent run. But he was quite mysterious about it all.

"We'll just have to see what happens next."

3. Let's name a bunch of old senators

Webb, who barely campaigned after announcing for president in early July and raised less than $700,000, framed his failed bid as the victim of time and partisan politics. He recalled past Democratic leaders to make his point -- several of whom, we're willing to bet, are unfamiliar to the vast majority of voters.

"Our country is more important than a label. Democrats in the past understood this -- people like Sam Nunn, Scoop Jackson, Mike Mansfield and John Kennedy, among others."

John Kennedy! Where's Lloyd Bentsen when you need him?

4. Now do the grass-roots like me?

He pinned a potential third-party candidacy on the grass-roots support he never mustered as a Democrat.

5. They didn't like me as a Democrat, but now...

Apparently running as a Democrat meant Webb couldn't converse with certain people.

He said he'll spend "the next couple weeks talking with people I have not felt comfortable talking with as a Democratic Party candidate. ... I feel much freer now, having cleared the air to do that."

6. But maybe he's still a Democrat, after all

But Webb was also cagey about his true party affiliation.

7. Parting blows

Webb also took some parting shots, first at at Hillary Clinton.

8. A healthy sense of self

But the most amazing thing Webb said at his press conference Tuesday is probably this: