In the new Post/ABC News poll out on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton still leads the Democratic field.

As you might expect, therefore, Democrats also think Clinton is closer to them on the issues.

But this you might not expect: Clinton is also viewed as more trustworthy.

It's certainly within the margin of error, mind you, meaning that it's probably safer to say that the two are viewed as about equally trustworthy. And while the numbers on issues generally map to the overall candidate choice, the numbers on trustworthiness are much friendlier to Bernie Sanders. Some number of Democrats think Sanders is more trustworthy, but still plan to vote for Clinton.

That said, given the past few months of headlines, the fact that Clinton is even close to Sanders on trust is surprising. We've written about Clinton's drooping numbers on trustworthiness. Among all voters in our poll last month, 56 percent found her to be untrustworthy.

Among Democrats, though? Different picture.

What's particularly interesting is that the numbers on trust have a stark divide. White voters are far more likely to view Clinton as less trustworthy than Sanders, and non-white voters are far more likely to view Sanders as less trustworthy.

This split along racial lines is not new. It's also not only seen in the numbers on trust. If you compare attitudes about each candidate by racial group to the overall numbers, you can see that non-white voters are more likely to prefer Clinton and Joe Biden -- and are more likely to see Clinton as being closer to them on issues.

It remains the case that Sanders very much needs to improve his numbers among non-white voters if he wants to gain more ground on Clinton. It's possible that this survey reflects a lack of familiarity with Sanders. It is also possible that the party is polarized along racial lines in a way that it will be very hard for Sanders to overcome.