Why did Canada choose for its prime minster a liberal, facial-hair offending, often shirtless and tattooed, strip-teasing pretty boy who is also the son of one of Canada's most famous leaders?

Instead of trying to explain it from Washington, let's let the Canadians share their thoughts -- specifically comedy musicians Bowser and Blue, who endorsed Justin Trudeau last year with this catchy song. Things can go very wrong when you try to write funny songs about politics, but this one works.

And for the non-Canadian political followers reading this, here are some CliffsNotes for some of the jokes in the song:

"He says he smoked a joint, well that's just as well, because there was a buzz around the liberals, and now we know what it was."

Trudeau told Huffington Post Canada in 2013 that he "had a puff" with friends of marijuana while serving in parliament.

"Perhaps one day he'll even look good in a canoe."

And about that canoe: Trudeay's father, Pierre Trudeau, who during his 15 years as prime minister was often photographed doing physical feats, once wrote an essay on canoeing.

Justin Trudeau tried his best during the campaign to glamorously recapture those moments.

"His father was a rascal. He took life as it comes. He did not like kissing babies but he liked kissing their mums."

In the '70s, just as many Canadian women were apparently smitten with Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre, as they are with his eldest son today. Pierre Trudeau was romantically linked to Barbara Streisand, and his romance and eventual marriage to Justin's mother -- a socialite 30 years his junior named Margaret -- was an endless source of tabloid rumors.