When the federal campaign finance filing period closed June 30, Donald Trump had been a candidate for about two weeks. He was in eighth place in the polls. His feud with Univision — the one that drew attention to his comments about immigration and that first propelled him into nonstop media attention — had happened only a few days prior.

So it's understandable that his first campaign finance report was a bit Spartan. So few people made donations that the Daily Beast called everyone who donated $250 or more.

When he filed his report at the end of September, the picture was very, very different. From less than 100 individual contributions to more than 2,200. From 5.5 donors a day to just about 24.

To make the point more obvious, a GIF:

People couldn't help but throw money at the guy who repeatedly said he didn't need anyone's money but his own (and who probably actually doesn’t). If there's a single image that sums up Trump's insanely popular summer, it's that one.