Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will soon be speaker of the House, officially announcing his candidacy for the job on Thursday night after securing the support he needs to be elected — including from most members of the antagonistic, conservative Freedom Caucus.

And there are smiles all around, as even many members of that group express happiness that Ryan has taken the plunge.

However strong this new union might be, it will be tested almost immediately. That's because the House faces a series of fast-approaching deadlines — most notably having to extend the debt ceiling in early November and having to avert another government shutdown in early December.

Previous versions of these debates have suggested the only way Democrats will agree (or need to, politically speaking) to a debt limit increase or funding the government is if those things are clean and don't include add-ons or changes that conservatives want. Will Ryan try and gain concessions that the Freedom Caucus approves of, or will he go a more moderate route?

Ryan's election as speaker is likely to take place on Wednesday — just one day before the National Highway Trust Fund runs out of money. It will be the first of many trying moments in his first few weeks.

Here's a look at the many deadlines of what would otherwise be Ryan's honeymoon: