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The only good debate bingo card: 25 Donald Trump GIFs

The vast majority of people tuning into Wednesday night's debate on CNBC (allow us) are tuning in not because they are curious about the various economic policy positions of the candidates, but because Donald Trump will be there and he will say something funny.

Or, even better, he will do something funny. Like when he started talking about lobbyists during a speech.

Punchy punchy.

Every media outlet is required by law to have a bingo card for you to use while watching the debate. (When did this become obligatory? The Post reported on debate bingo cards back in 2004, but surely someone watching Lincoln debate Douglas crossed off a box when one of them said "slavery.") Since paying attention to what the candidates say is boring, we decided to center our bingo card on what Trump does with his face.

We scoured his campaign videos, shots from the previous debates and historical footage to put together a series of things that Trump very well might do during the debate. If he does, check it off! You are going to play with your friends, of course; first one to make a line five across or whatever wins, etc. You know how this goes.

Anyway, a thing to look at while the seconds tick away toward eternity.

Trump debate facial expression bingo

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(Despite the option being offered, we do not recommend printing this out and playing. But: Serious props to the Post's tech team who put this little tool together, only for me to do the dumbest possible thing with it.)