This, from the wizards in the Post graphics department:

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said 16 percent of all the words uttered in the debate, the highest percentage for any candidate in any of the three Republican debates so far. Rubio's verbal domination was even more striking due to the fact that he remains well behind the race's frontrunners -- Ben Carson and Donald Trump -- in national polling.

Look at Rubio's red dot above. Then look at Jeb Bush's.  Despite being in, roughly, the same polling place as Rubio, Jeb(!) talked just more than half as often as his fellow Floridian. Draw a line between their two dots; that's the difference between winning and losing, between emerging from the debate with enthusiasm and passion behind you and leaving the Colorado debate stage fighting for your political life.

But, wait, you say! Talking a lot doesn't always = winning.  True. Not always. But, in the context of a very crowded Republican presidential field with millions of eyeballs watching, it's a pretty good sign if you are talking well in excess of where polling slots you in the race.

In sum: Rubio won. Jeb lost.   Thank you and good night.