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‘Jeb can fix it’: The Bush campaign’s new slogan spawns a thousand jokes

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks during the LIBRE Initiative Fourm at the College of Southern Nevada on October 21, 2015 in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Bush said earlier in the day if elected president, he'd try to move the Interior Department's headquarters to the West, closer to the needs of the community. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

This is yet another entry that, were it to arrive via work e-mail, would have to be accompanied by the subject line "Forwarded without comment." But we at The Fix felt it our duty to keep our readers informed about one of the latest and perhaps greatest examples of what Twitter can do.

Or, rather, what people armed with a lot of sarcasm and Twitter can do.

As is by now well known, one-time presumptive Republican presidential front-runner Jeb Bush and his campaign are struggling. What's a former governor who is the brother and son of former president to do? Well, launch a re-branding campaign, of course.

Enter "Jeb can fix it," the Bush camp's new slogan. It's a longer take on the campaign's earlier, one-word-and-an-exclamation-point offering, "Jeb!,"and perhaps an affirmation that America needed a little more than the candidate's first name.

But, well, the Twitterverse had a bit of a reaction. We've compiled a short list. But really, we can say no more.

First, a few scene setters

Act I: America has jokes

Act II: Variations on a much-explored theme

Act III: A brief animated interlude

Act IV: More assorted funnies

Act V: A roundhouse kick for the finish

That web address now leads to a site from a 2014 Austin city council candidate who accuses Bush of stealing his slogan.