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President Obama: Joke-stealer in chief

At a Democratic fundraising event, President Obama poked fun at the Republican presidential field, saying, "They can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators." (Video: AP, Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

Okay, so this is a pretty good line from President Obama at a fundraiser Monday night in New York, talking about the GOP's debate drama:

President Obama on Monday gleefully mocked the Republican presidential candidates who have called him weak on the world stage, suggesting the would-be tough guys "can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators."
"Let me tell you, if you can’t handle those guys then I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about it," Obama said during an Democratic fundraiser at the Richard Rodgers Theater in Manhattan, drawing laughter and applause from a crowd of more than 1,300 supporters.

The comment has been reported by just about everybody by now, which proves it was a good line.

But it was even better when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) used it two days earlier:

"The moderators didn’t control the debate. They did an awful job. Their bias was showing, and it was despicable," he said on "Fox and Friends." "Now, that being said, if you’re running for president of the United States and you can’t handle yourself against three CNBC moderators without, you know, crying foul and calling for intervention, then you’re not gonna do very well against Vladimir Putin either."

And it was even better still when Megyn Kelly used it after her dust-up with Donald Trump at the first GOP debate nearly three months ago:

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly opened up for the first time this morning about all the criticism she and Fox have gotten about last week’s Republican debate, talking with MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz.
And, basically, she took the high road, not necessarily singling out Trump but instead defending her tough questions and saying, “If you can’t get past me, how are you gonna handle Vladimir Putin?"

Maybe it's time to retire this line.