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We made President Obama’s big TPP trade deal searchable

US President Barack Obama meets with agriculture and business leaders on the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for American business and workers, at the Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC, USA, 06 October 2015. (EPA/Martin H. Simon)
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On Thursday morning, after months of questions about the contents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal negotiated and championed by President Obama, his administration released the agreement in its complex entirety.

The problem, though, is that it was released as a series of posts on Medium -- and, worse, a collection of PDFs -- making it hard to search for topics across the entire document.

Allow us.

We created the tool below to allow you to search the full agreement (except annexes) and to link back to the original to read more. There's a lot in there, we'll note, and spellings are internationalized. (Labor becomes "labour," for example.) So it's still not a perfect system.

But at least you can see it and search it! Critics of the deal spent months arguing that it was a secret agreement, which it no longer is. And thanks to your friends at The Fix, it's now easier to see what's in it than the government might have intended.