New York City is a weird place for politics.

The city is dominated by Democrats, and holds off-year elections for city offices. (You might remember that Bill de Blasio warded off Anthony Weiner back in 2013.) The state elections are lined up with off-year congressional contests, putting unusual emphasis on those years. Only the year before a presidential race is there nothing on the ballot, really, besides weird local races and Supreme Court balloting. But even with those overlapping schedules, New York has a relatively high frequency of people running uncontested, meaning that party primaries are only sporadic as well.

And then we introduce Donald Trump. In a weird political world, Trump's voting history probably stands out. Donald Trump first registered to vote at Trump Tower in 1987, a few years after the building was completed. Since then, according to The Smoking Gun, he's been a Republican three times, a Democrat once, a member of the Independence Party once and, for a brief period, had no party identification at all.

Curious about how often he actually voted, we reached out to New York-based political consulting firm Prime New York which has an updated list of voter behavior in the state. They provided The Post with Trump's history, back to his first registration. During that time, Trump voted in 18 of 28 general elections -- missing seven during the third-year races. He's voted in two of the 11 primaries he could have -- both of those in which he could have voted since 2010. He could have voted in two special elections, too, but didn't.

Since he rejoined the Republican Party just before the 2012 election, he hasn't missed a vote. (He rejoined the party right before the April primary, in which he presumably would have voted for Mitt Romney. But his registration was a bit too late to allow him to vote.)

The one takeaway Trump might offer the members of his party? He's been a much better Republican voter since 2001 than he was a Democratic one.