Donald Trump is so mad at Starbucks right now, apparently thanks to the coffee chain having switched to all-red cups for the holiday season. "Maybe we should boycott Starbucks," Trump said during a speech Monday in Illinois. He pointed out that there's a Starbucks in the lobby of Trump Tower in Manhattan. "That's the end of that lease," he said. "But who cares? Who cares?"

Well, Ivanka Trump, if this photo shown proudly at the Trump Tower Starbucks is any indicator.

(Philip Bump/Washington Post)

But that's not we're here to talk about today. Today, we are here to delineate all of the various things that Trump fans should boycott, per their guy.

Univision. In case any Trump supporters regularly watch Univision, they should not do so, thanks to his dispute with them over his comments about immigrants at his June campaign announcement.

Macy's. After the retailer ended its relationship with Trump for the same reason, Trump unleashed a slew of calls to boycott the company.

Fox News, for a bit. Trump retweeted someone praising a boycott of Fox News during one of his many feuds with the media giant. This one is probably not in effect at the moment, but who knows.

Mexico. Sorry, Mexico! Trump's beef with Mexico stems primarily from his having been unable to collect a legal settlement in the country, but the call for a boycott was ostensibly pegged to the arrest of Marine sergeant Andrew Thamooressi for crossing the border while armed. He has been released. But the boycott is still on, as Trump said in July.

Italy, for a bit. Trump called for a boycott of Italy if Amanda Knox wasn't freed. She was, making this boycott short.

Scotland. We'll come back to this.

Oreos. After Trump wove a complaint about Nabisco moving a factory into his stump speech (such as it is), he swore off Oreos for good. (Somehow, we forgot this one; thanks to Anjali Shastry for the reminder.)

HBO. Donald Trump was mad about Bill Maher.

Rolling Stone. Donald Trump was mad about the Boston bomber.

Glenfiddich scotch. Back in 2012, a Scottish man named Michael Forbes was named "Top Scot" at the "Spirit of Scotland Awards," presented by Glenfiddich. Forbes earned that title as the subject of a movie called "You've Been Trumped," documenting Forbes's fight against Trump's attempt to buy his land to build a golf course.

Trump was not happy with the award.

Trump also took issue with plans to build an offshore wind farm near the proposed golf course, which is why he endorsed the Scotland boycott. That's clearly over, though, since he visited the course earlier this year.

Chinese products. This one was a little awkward.