In Iowa on Thursday night, Donald Trump stepped out from behind the lectern from which he was addressing the crowd to make an important political point: Sometimes belts move around.

His goal was to rebut the story told by Ben Carson of Carson's attempt to stab a friend as a young man -- an attempt Carson says was foiled by the almost-victim's belt buckle. But Trump proved that impossible, by standing in front of a crowd wiggling his belt and making a funny face. Which is the sort of thing that makes for a very good visual -- and, therefore, GIF.*

Trump, with his Jim-Carrey-esque face and atypical physical expressiveness, is a boon for the GIF-sharing industry (a.k.a. the Internet). Below are the 10 best GIFs of the once-and-sort-of-current Republican front-runner's campaign from June until today. There might be additions in the future, but as of this moment, this is the most accurate available ranking as determined by my personal taste.

* "GIF" (an acronym for "graphics interchange format") usually refers to a short, looping animated image, often a snippet of video. As all web-savvy people know, it is pronounced with a soft G, like "jif."

Let's descend a gold-colored escalator to get this thing started.

10. Trump shrugs at Rand Paul

Source: Fox News / The New Republic's Elle Reeve, GIF master

9. Trump describes the "bing bong"-ing of lobbyists

(This one is better with audio.)
Source: CNN Politics

8. Trump dances like a dork on "Saturday Night Live"

Source: NBC/Giphy

7. Trump gets a low-five from Jeb Bush

This would also be in the top 10  best Jeb Bush GIFs.
Source: CNN

6. The belt incident

Source: CNN

5. Trump plays the air drums to an Aerosmith song

Source: C-SPAN

4. Trump talks about how lobbyists are "killers"

Source: (I made this GIF and honestly don't remember where the video was from, my apologies to the Internet gods.)

3. Trump is a normal patriot

Source: C-SPAN

2. Trump smiles

Source: Fox News/Reeve

1. Trump reacts during the second Republican debate

Source: CNN

That is your official ranking; dissenting opinions are necessarily incorrect. The end.