At this point in the presidential race, there have been enough candidates who have dropped out that Stephen Colbert has a little theme for when they do: "The Hungry For Power Games" -- a riff on "The Hunger Games."

On Wednesday night, Colbert said goodbye to the game's latest fallen tribute, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who dropped out of the GOP race this week after failing to gain any traction whatsoever.

Colbert noted the irony of Jindal's short-lived campaign, coming after he rose to prominence in 2013 with these words: "We've got to stop being the stupid party."

Jindal spent much of his time in 2015 lambasting front-runner Donald Trump for essentially taking the party in the opposite direction he thought it should go. (The Fix's Chris Cillizza doesn't think Jindal lived up to his own 2013 proposals, either.)

The pay off for all that? Polling that averaged 0.3 percent.

Alas, another one lurching to take down Trump bites the dust.

Or in Colbert's words: "A valiant campaign warrior has gone to that great pancake breakfast in the sky."