(Some graphic and explicit language in the video above.)

"Let's dump the penny," says John Oliver.

Oliver argues in his latest show that the penny -- which costs the U.S. government 1.7 cents to make -- is good for two things: Throwing in a fountain or using out of pure spite. Other than that, he makes the case Americans couldn't care less about it.

There are a few reasons Oliver thinks this expensive, useless, unloved piece of U.S. currency is still around, including Abraham Lincoln enthusiasts and the zinc industry.

But that's not reason enough, he says. And Americans right now could use a positive change in the world that most of us agree on. So on Sunday, Oliver used his usual current events time slot in the show to call for getting rid of the penny.

"Not because we need to. Not because we know it will change a great deal," he said, "...but the penny is a nuisance we can actually do something about."

Update 10:13 a.m.: A reader points us to another compelling case against the penny, from one of our favorite YouTubers, GCP Grey: