As the campaigns of Donald Trump and Ben Carson joust with the press over the veracity of the things their candidates have said, it can be easy to forget that other candidates have had similar bouts with the media.

There are many examples when it comes to Hillary Clinton; there's the whole Bridgegate thing with Chris Christie (which he recently said made him Media Victim No. 1); and then there's Marco Rubio and the New York Times.

But there's another politician who has fought with media that he has often felt misunderstood him and important political issues. And that's Bernie Sanders.

Recently, a YouTuber posted video of Sanders three decades ago — in 1985, when he was mayor of Burlington, Vt. — engaging in some pretty pointed back-and-forths with members of the media. Sanders begins his questioning with a leading and very blunt question about "what is a communist" with the very clear purpose of launching a discussion of why the media refer to Nicaragua's elected leader, Daniel Ortega, as a communist or Marxist, despite Ortega not publicly subscribing to those labels.

(Back then, the events in Nicaragua were of particular interest to Sanders, who even visited the country.)

"If we were to say, and I mean this just facetiously, you know — 'Ronald Reagan: Fascist president of the United States,'" Sanders says, to laughs and applause. "Ronald Reagan does not consider himself — I don't think he is a fascist — he doesn't consider himself. Is it important to, in defining somebody, to give credence to what they understand themselves to be?"

The exchange is worth a watch.