In the 1996 cinematic achievement "Happy Gilmore," Adam Sandler's title character — a swashbuckling outsider taking the professional golf circuit by storm — encounters an adoring fan in the gallery. She pulls down the collar of her blouse, and Gilmore responds (naturally) by signing her chest.

Then, he does it to another, older woman who wants in on the action too. (Warning: The video below is slightly NSFW.)

On Wednesday night, in the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump — a swashbuckling outsider taking the Republican primary circuit by storm — did the exact same thing.

This fabulous photograph (after which the AP's Cliff Owen should seriously consider retirement, because he'll never be able to top it), is merely the latest incredible image from a campaign that has produced oh so many.

Here are some of the best:

Thank you, Lord Jesus (and that woman)

This one picture is so packed with stupendousness that we devoted an entire post to breaking it down, person by person. Here's what we said about that woman:

The look on her face has already launched an Internet phenomenon.
Amazing. Creepy. Creepily amazing. Amazingly creepy.
The sheer joy apparent on her face from being close to a celebrity like Trump is near-perfectly symbolic of our current political culture. Great job.

The impersonator

This guy's Trump costume was so good that the candidate called him up to the stage ... and then said his wife "fantasizes that he’s really the real Donald Trump."

The mullet

Can you say "business in the front, party in the back?" This dude's flowing rear locks were so glorious that Trump's body guards had to avert their eyes. The glow might have blinded them.

So good you could eat it

No, seriously, you can eat it -- it's a cake made to look like Trump's iconically ugly, slogan-bearing hat. I'd say this woman earned major brownie points, but that would be the wrong dessert item.

I love Trump so much, I put his face on a pumpkin

Say what you want, but this took real talent. Hey, Food Network, get this guy on the next season of "Halloween Wars." He'll totally dominate.

I hate Trump so much, I put his face on a piñata

Hey, great art isn't always flattering.

How many pieces of "flair" do you want me to wear?

Before the "Happy Gilmore" lady there was the "Office Space" lady. Trump's supporters really nail the '90s classics.

Yes, the hair is real

Trump's backers are always there to vouch for him, whether the subject is Muslim celebrations on New Jersey rooftops on 9/11 or that famous hair swoop.

Even Santa Claus loves The Donald

Trump might be on some people's "naughty" list this year, but it sure looks like the big guy from the North Pole has him in the "nice" column.

Another bearded guy loves him, too

This is the ultimate double whammy. Trump has not only St. Nick, but also "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson on his side, meaning he owns the two most important bearded endorsements on planet Earth.