At the risk of starting this post with an understatement, we'll say this: Dick Cheney, our nation's 46th vice president, isn't exactly a warm and cuddly guy. Even his supporters would agree. The guy doesn't smile; he smirks. And he even seems to enjoy frequent comparisons to Darth Vader.

So when Dick Cheney attends an event at the Capitol at which Dick Cheney is supposed to be happy and enjoy the unveiling of a bust of Dick Cheney's upper torso and head, the pictures are highly likely to be interesting — especially with Cheney's old boss mugging for the camera right next to him.

And they didn't disappoint. Below are some of The Fix's favorites from Thursday's unveiling.

1. The Bush-Cheney dynamic, in one photo

2. The man's a grandfather, after all

3. Excitement

4. 2Chaineyz (h/t J. Freedom du Lac)

5. Peak smirk

6. Is someone getting misty?

7. More Dubya mugging

8. The Bush-Cheney dynamic, in a second photo

9. Whoa, that looks like me!