Sometimes politicians so clearly resemble the place they represent, it's hard not to be in awe.

Former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman is showcasing just that in his first holiday announcement as chair of Las Vegas's host committee. (His job, far less important than your average mayor, is to basically welcome visitors to the city.)

Goodman is half of a husband-and-wife duo who have combined to preside over Las Vegas for 16 years (and counting). Different takes of the video — featuring him singing with a scantily clad dancer or holding up a cocktail with said scantily clad dancer smiling behind him — is getting traction in Nevada and beyond for its unabashed Las Vegas flair, says the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, which produced it.

Goodman says millions of Americans are expected to visit Las Vegas over the holiday. If you're one of them — or just fascinated by the city's flamboyant former mayor — we wanted to take a moment to share with you the glamour and audacity that is perhaps America's most interesting mayoral family.

The Democrat-turned-independent is not afraid to tell fourth-graders he'd pick a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin as his provision for being stranded on a desert island (he had a side gig as a spokesman, though he donated his salary to charity).

He was a guest photographer for Playboy, shooting a topless pic of 2001's January playmate of the month for the website.

He suggested putting the "punks" who graffiti downtown Las Vegas on TV and cutting off their thumbs.

He supports legalizing prostitution in downtown Las Vegas; a series of "magnificent brothels" would reap "tremendous benefits," he told a skeptical New York Times columnist in 2007. He succeeded in becoming the first mayor to have his face imprinted on $5 and $25 casino chips, and he got his likeness made into a bobblehead doll.

All this was while Goodman was in office.

Goodman, a former criminal attorney who defended some of the city's most well-known mobsters, served three terms as Las Vegas's mayor, from 1999 to 2011.

He enjoyed significant popularity, but was unable to change the city charter to expand term limits. (The role of Las Vegas mayor is more ceremonial than anything else, with much of the day-to-day decision making done by the city manager.)

But no matter, Goodman was easily succeeded by his wife, Carolyn Goodman (I), who won her second four-year term earlier this year. Her husband was active in both campaigns, calling her most recent opponent, a former police officer, "a piece of crap."

While a bit less flashy than her husband, Carolyn Goodman carries Las Vegas flair in her own way. In her first campaign, she ran a political ad showing her opponent cursing at a nurse. The Las Vegas Sun credited the ad with helping her swing some voters.

And one of her holiday traditions is being escorted to a local Christmas tree lighting by Chippendales — men dressed pretty much only in a tuxedo bow familiar to any attendee of a Las Vegas bachelorette party.

She's also an unapologetic supporter of her city's family dynasty. While openly admitting on the campaign trail back in 2011 that she didn't know the answers to some policy questions, she introduced herself as "Carolyn, Oscar's wife."

"To me, if you have Abe Lincoln and he's so wonderful, why not have one of his sons carry on," she said during her first election, adding that her grandchildren were being groomed for the job, too.

If Carolyn and Oscar's plans go accordingly, it sounds like we can expect much more in the years to come from this very Las Vegas family.