Some folks will undoubtedly be surprised to see the first lady of the United States appearing (and rapping) in a new music video promoting attending college. We will go so far as to say that she is probably the only first lady to have rapped — in public, at the very least.

Here's the video, from College Humor:

What they might not realize is that this is not new. MC FLOTUS, you see, has rapped before. And the juxtaposition of the first lady with hip-hop culture has been used to draw attention to issues several times before — most notably healthful eating and childhood obesity.

We'll let you judge how well she does it, but we would caution that amateur rapping is such well-worn territory that its comedic effect has been severely diminished. (Nonetheless, here we are, writing about it.)

Here's Obama in February 2014, rapping a few bars about healthful eating and capping it off with a "Holla!":

In August 2013, she appeared in — but didn't rap in — a music video from Doug E. Fresh about fighting obesity:

About the same time, news broke that she would curate a rap album on the same topic:

If you read from the bottom of this post up, you'll notice an evolution here — an evolution that is now complete with Obama really getting into it on a rap video.