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This ‘Darth Trump’ mashup is pretty darn good. Here’s why.

"Funny" political videos can go very wrong, very quickly. I say this having sought out and reviewed many of them, deciding whether they are worth the time of both you and The Fix to post them here. There is just something about taking serious political issues and trying to extract something genuinely funny -- already a very difficult task -- from them.

Having said all that, "Darth Trump" is pretty good. Maybe very good. Yes, it takes something that is already pretty well-worn comedic territory -- Donald Trump -- and isn't conceptually all that novel, dubbing his voice over Darth Vader's. But it works.

It works for a few reasons:

1) The overdub is done correctly. Trump's voice sounds muffled and tinny, just like Vader's. It's believable that Trump is actually beneath that Vader suit.

2. The timing is on. Even when Vader points at stuff, it often seems to coincide with the thing that the Trump overdub is saying. And Darth Trump even gets cut off mid-sentence by other characters. The video is more than seven minutes long, and it's clear lots of thought was put into it.

3. The other characters seem to regard Darth Trump with the kind of fear, respect, amazement, disdain and uncertainty that characterizes how many Americans feel about Trump himself. In this case, it comes off as them not quite being able to make out why he's saying the things he's saying -- often about China or Mexicans or stabbing belt buckles.

In other words: Enjoy a funny political video that is actually funny.