Support for Donald Trump among Republican voters has hit a new high in New York Times/CBS News polling, according to data released on Thursday evening. Trump's support is at 35 percent, followed by Ted Cruz, who shot into second place, and Ben Carson, who fell to third.

In the last Times/CBS poll, Carson had passed Trump, at the peak of his support.

Not shown: The myriad candidates polling at less than 10 percent, which includes a guy named Jeb something? Bush? He's at 3 percent.

So what happened to Carson? Carson fell victim to the surge-and-fade pattern we saw with some regularity in 2012, thanks largely to concerns about terrorism, apparently.

The new poll finds that concern about an imminent terror attack is at a level unseen since the weeks following the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

When Republicans were asked which candidates could best handle that threat, Trump and Cruz both polled significantly better than Carson. Forty percent of voters are very confident in Trump's ability to tackle the problem, to 30 percent who say that of Cruz. For Carson, though, the number falls to 16 percent.

So worries about terrorism spike and the candidate seen as being less-equipped to deal with the problem falls. Not terribly surprising.

What is surprising is this, buried in the Times' report on the new survey: About a third of the people who've picked a candidates say their minds are made up. But among Trump supporters, that figure rises to more than half. Among all of Trump's opponents, that core support is only one-quarter.

Which means, if you apply that core support to Trump's support in the polls, that 17.5 percent of all of the Republicans surveyed by the Times and CBS say they are going to vote for Donald Trump no matter what. No matter what.

The Iowa caucuses are in 51 days.