On Thursday, America was obsessed with searching Google for information about a wealthy, couldn't-care-less business executive whose habit of flying in the face of public opinion only served to make us want to pay more attention. I mean, America has been obsessed with that for months in the form of Donald Trump. But on Thursday, we instead were looking for information about Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive whose goofy hair, willingness to attack Democratic presidential candidates and abusive, argumentative tweets made him a distinctly different creature altogether than the Republican presidential front-runner.

Mid-level screenwriters in Hollywood are kicking themselves that they didn't invent the Martin Shkreli character before reality did. Shkreli was arrested on charges of security fraud, but was introduced to America as the guy who jacked up the price of an HIV drug -- and then relished in the negative attention that ensued. He bought the sole copy of an experimental album by the Wu-Tang Clan, which may not mean much to you if you're not a hip-hop fan but is sort of like buying out the stadium for the Super Bowl and shutting off the live feed.

After his arrest, Shkreli trended globally on Twitter (alongside the new "Star Wars" movie). But that he managed to actually best Donald Trump in Google searches is an accomplishment of its own.

Here's the last 24 hours of search traffic. The businessman-king is dead; long live the businessman-king.

(Who is Googling Donald Trump so much in the middle of the night and doesn't that person have a presidential campaign to be well-rested for?)

Not only did Shkreli beat Donald Trump, but he also surpassed another equally popular celebrity: Kim Kardashian.

But neither Shkreli nor Trump could beat that new Star Wars film. "The Force Awakens," which is out in theaters on Thursday, attracted much more search interest (although at times it was awfully close).

Not really a surprise, of course. Could Martin Shkreli really hope to compete with a story of good-versus-evil in which anomalies in the blood stream play a central role and the main character comes across secret information from a legendary band of hyper-talented individuals?

No he could not.