Here are searches in the United States over the past 24 hours for three Christmas-related terms, "stocking," "gift wrap" and "tinsel."

Added to that are two terms that -- all of a sudden! -- are related to politics: "schlong" and "schlonged." Guess which ones are getting more interest online!

Good job, Donald Trump!

To be fair to this great nation of ours, only the East Coast was Googling "schlonged" more than "stocking." The peak of searches for the term were came in New Hampshire -- where people pay more attention to presidential politics at this point than most. The biggest discrepancy between searches for "stocking" and "schlonged" was in Maryland, followed closely by D.C.

In other words, Christmas was really only ruined in places that pay too much attention to politics.

Let that be a lesson to you.

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