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A nice catch by Mother Jones: A trademark application for the enthusiastic appellation "Jeb!" has been abandoned.

Jeb!, of course, is the preferred wordmark for one John Ellis Bush, better known as "Jeb." Better known as Jeb:( these days, given that he is now polling in seventh place, according to the just-released CNN/ORC poll.

Jeb uses Jeb! with the exclamation point in his campaign material in the way that you say "lol" to someone over text even though you maybe only smiled. Well before he was an official candidate, in January of this year, the application was filed by a group apparently aligned with Bush to reserve its exclusive right to use "Jeb!" on cool products like mousepads, money clips and golf towels. (Those are all identified in the application filing, among a lot of other things.) But as Mother Jones's Russ Choma notes, that trademark has been abandoned, as the parlance has it, its filer having not provided consent from Bush to use his name.

This is a metaphor.

Jeb! (or someone presumably acting on his behalf) wanted to trademark Jeb!, the print representation of the candidate that would take America by storm. Look out world, the application implied, here comes Jeb!!! Here is what has happened to Jeb's poll numbers since the filing.

Jeb. The Jeb! trademark application has been abandoned. That exclamation point is not needed.

It also goes a level deeper. The trademark application is meant to keep ne'er-do-wells from offering up Jeb! merchandise for sale, lining their own pockets instead of Jeb!'s. The abandonment of the mark allows anyone to start selling Jeb! stuff without recrimination. (See update below before you start cranking out windbreakers, though.)

But there's clearly no demand to do so. Bush came into the race as the financial heavyweight — thanks to $100 million-plus in money raised to a super PAC endorsing him. His campaign's finances, though, have struggled, slashing costs back in October. You can buy lots of Jeb! stuff at the Jeb! campaign store, but people clearly aren't buying enough of it. The trademark wasn't terribly valuable anyway because there's not really any money to be made from selling anything with Jeb! on it. This ain't Nike.

Anyway, if you want to make poor Jeb:( even sadder, you're now apparently free to sell your own Jeb! mousepads. You will not make $100 million doing so.

Updated with heartbreaking news: The Bush campaign tells us that the trademark was associated with Bush's time as governor, and that they didn't trademark it in the context of the campaign. That said, they can still shut you down if they don't like the Jeb! stuff you're selling. You are warned.