This article has been corrected.

When he announced his executive actions on guns Tuesday morning, President Obama was surrounded by a number of people who were either family members of victims of gun violence or victims themselves.

We’ve identified them below.

In addition to the president, Vice President Biden and former Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords (who attended with her husband, Mark Kelly), the following people were there:

Mark Barden. Barden’s son Daniel was shot to death in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December 2012.

Jimmy Greene. Greene’s daughter, Ana Grace, was also killed at Sandy Hook.

Daniel Hernandez. When Gabby Giffords and 18 other people were shot in a Tucson parking lot in 2011, Hernandez provided first aid to the congresswoman at the scene, and is given credit for saving her life.

Mandeep Kaur. Kaur was at the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting in 2012, where six people were killed.

Emily Landers. Landers was shot during a robbery in Mobile, Ala. in 1996 and paralyzed. She is a member of MoveOn’s Gun Owners for Gun Control.

Jennifer Longdon. Longdon was shot during an apparently random attack at a drive-thru in Arizona in 2004.

Richard Martinez. Martinez’s son Christopher Michaels-Martinez was killed in the Isla Vista, Calif., shooting in 2014. He now works for Everytown for Gun Safety.

Lucy McBath. McBath’s son was shot to death while he sat in the backseat of a car two years ago. She is spokesperson for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Nathaniel Pendleton and Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton. The Pendletons’ daughter Hadiya performed at Obama’s second inauguration. A little over a week later, she was shot and killed at a park in Chicago.

Jennifer Pinckney. Pinckney’s husband Clementa, a minister and member of the South Carolina state legislature, was killed in the Charleston church shooting last year.

Peter Read. Read’s daughter Mary was killed in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

David Taylor. Taylor is a retired Army officer and a member of MoveOn’s Gun Owners for Gun Control.

Carolyn Tuft. Tuft’s daughter Kristin Hinckley was killed in the 2007 shooting at Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City.

Correction: The graphic originally misspelled the last name of Mark Barden and his son.