Donald Trump’s rallies have been full of memorable moments that mostly have been a result of the presidential candidate himself, but the GOP front-runner’s Secret Service detail provided one Tuesday night in Claremont, N.H.

Scott Conroy, senior political reporter for the Huffington Post, apparently was trying to film at the event and met some resistance from a Trump staffer, before a Secret Service agent intervened.

This is pretty funny — made all the funnier by HuffPo’s fully transparent disdain for the billionaire real estate magnate. Trump has enjoyed Secret Service cover since November, a status symbol that reflects his high profile and position in the White House race. The agents who tail him around the country are there to protect him, not camera-wielding journalists. This good Samaritan with an earpiece didn’t have to do what he did.

I suspect, however, that Trump’s agents can’t help but notice the way he treats members of the media at these events — hurling insults and mockery and even pondering whether he would ever kill reporters before ultimately concluding that he would not. At some point, it has to get to you, right? So this agent stepped in.

As a fellow journalist, I am heartened by Conroy’s anecdote. But everyone — even Trump’s biggest supporters — should be, too. You may not like a certain subset of the media, but press freedom is a core American principle. It’s one of the things that makes America great, so it surely ought to be embraced by a candidate who wants to make America great again.