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The short, weird history of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ political endorsement

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This post has been corrected.

Phil Robertson, patriarch of television's "Duck Dynasty" family, endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) in an ... unusual video Wednesday. In it, Robertson takes Cruz duck-hunting and talks about gumbo.

In this campaign ad released Jan. 13, the star of AETV's "Duck Dynasty," Phil Robertson, endorses Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. (Video: Ted Cruz)

CNN's Chris Moody tweeted a still from the very moment Robertson says the magic words.

So, there you go.

The interesting thing about this — beyond that image of Cruz in camouflage — is where it lies along the weird, tangled history of Robertson family political endorsements. The path is fairly direct, in fact.

2013: The Robertsons endorse Vance McAllister in a special election for a House seat in Louisiana. McAllister goes on to win. He soon decides that the job "sucks."

2014: In April, McAllister is caught on camera making out with a staffer, to the chagrin of his wife. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) calls on McAllister to resign. McAllister announces he won't run for reelection that November.

In June, he changes his mind. Phil Robertson revokes his endorsement of McAllister and instead endorses Zach Dasher, a family cousin. Dasher doesn't win the seat.

2015: Jindal announces that he plans to run for president. Jep Robertson, Phil's son, gets on board. Jep's brother, Willie, goes on Fox News, to says that Jindal is "his guy." The next month, Willie says he loves Trump. Later, he said he was sticking with Jindal.

Meanwhile, Jindal's archenemy David Vitter is running to replace him as governor. The Robertsons give him their blessing.

In November, Vitter gets demolished.

At about the same time, Jindal dropped out of the presidential race after his attempts to undermine Ted Cruz come up empty.

2016: Robertson endorses Cruz. The great wheel of life keeps on spinning.

Correction: Dasher lost! Not sure why I remembered it otherwise. Corrected.