Ted Cruz does not agree with New York's "New York values." While he's somewhat hard-pressed to define those values, he knows them when he sees them -- as did the audience at Thursday night's debate, he suggested, to chuckles. The upshot was that, "[n]ot a lot of conservatives come out of Manhattan," as he put it last night.

Happily for him, though, a lot of campaign money does.

We mapped all of the money Ted Cruz had raised in the city through the end of September -- a period during which he raised $15.2 million in individual contributions. Of that total, $1.40 out of every $100 came from the five boroughs of New York City.

Here's the breakdown of how much money and how many contributions he got across the city.

Amount raised Contributions
New York City $213,455 477
Bronx $23,242 34
Brooklyn $13,872 71
Manhattan $164,728 247
Queens $11,365 90
Staten Island $2,248 35

In Staten Island, the most Republican borough in the city, Cruz didn't raise a whole lot.

In more-liberal Brooklyn and Queens, he did better, particularly in Brooklyn Heights and out in the Rockaways where he had a few big contributions.

But his real haul was in Manhattan -- one of the most liberal places in the city. You can see the big money on either side of Central Park -- the blank rectangle at the heart of the island. He pulled in nearly half of his haul in the city in those wealthy ZIP codes.

Those ZIP codes are always among the biggest contributors because they are also among the wealthiest.

So is that what Cruz meant when during the debate he critiqued New York's "focus around money"? If so, it's a focus that he can at times appreciate.