Donald Trump is an unusual presidential candidate. From the way he talks to the issues he focuses on, he's truly one of a kind.

But perhaps no answer has so well encapsulated Trump's unique style as this one. Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody asked Trump whether he cries, and here's what Trump said:

BRODY: This is my Barbara Walters question, and it’s not ‘What tree would you be?’ But I’m curious, have you cried before? Has that been something that you’ve done in your life?
TRUMP: Well, that’s even beyond a Barbara Walters question; she has never asked me that. No, I’m not a big crier. I like to get things done. I’m not a big crier. I’m not someone who goes around crying a lot. But I know people like that. I know plenty of people that cry. They’re very good people. But I have not been a big crier.

There is so much to unpack here.

First, there is Trump's bravado. He is, naturally, too focused on "getting things done" to cry.

Second, it's not just that he doesn't cry much, it's that he doesn't "go around crying a lot." The Donald loves to repeat himself.

And lastly, just in case you thought Trump was insulting people who do cry, he wants you to know that's simply not the case. As he so often does, Trump assures us that he does know people who do, in fact, cry. And despite their propensity for tears, they are A-okay with Donald Trump.

It's nearly identical to how Trump handles questions about his relationships with the Muslim, black and Hispanic communities, despite saying things that alienate them.

If you had to craft a Donald Trump answer to "Do you cry?," I'm not sure you could have done any better than this.