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Stephen Colbert delivers his own speech in Palin-ese. And it’s spot-on. [Video]

Sarah Palin joined Donald Trump on the campaign trail in Iowa to endorse his run for president on Tuesday, Jan. 19. (Video: Whitney Leaming/The Washington Post)

Sarah Palin's speaking style is, well, unique. It's full of folksy buzzwords, oftentimes meandering and hard-to-understand, and occasionally nonsensical.

Call it Palin-glish, or Palin-ese.

We had some fun with her endorsement of Donald Trump on Wednesday morning, and by Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert did the same. On the "Late Show," Colbert first thanked his lucky stars Palin was back on the scene -- labeling her the (joke) "Material Girl" -- and then delivering his own rendition of a Palin endorsement speech, complete with the unique style mentioned above (this part starts at about the 4 minute mark).

And it worked.

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