Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) on Tuesday appeared on a Maine radio station and said some stuff about Maine, which you should probably listen to if you are into Maine-related news items. But mostly, we'd direct your attention to the end of the interview, in which LePage suggested reviving the use of the guillotine.

The governor's office said the guillotine comment was a joke, the AP reported.

But anyway, below you'll find a rush transcript from the WVOM interview, which picks up right after a question about harsher penalties for those who bring drugs into the state. You might remember LePage, by the way, from his recent turn using some racially loaded language to describe the state's heroin problems.

(If you want to listen, I'm starting at around the 12:18 mark. Also please note that I'm pretty sure this interview occurred on the George Hale and Ric Tyler Show, but I'm not a regular listener so if I messed that up, please let me know, George Hale and/or Ric Tyler. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you apart.)

This transcript is presented without comment, except, well, this one: : /

LEPAGE: "George, [State Sen. Scott Cyrway] doesn't go far enough. I think the death penalty should be appropriate for people that kill Mainers."

RADIO MAN: You may have some trouble getting it through, but yeah I underst—

LEPAGE: No, I'm all in. I'm all in. In fact, he said they were going to increase it to four years minimum. I asked them to go to 20 years. I think these people — these people, there's nothing good enough for these people. I think four years is not good enough. We got to go to 20 years. We've got to keep 'em here until they die.

RADIO MAN: [silence/giggling] Let's —

LEPAGE: Actually, if you want my honest opinion, we should give them an injection of the stuff they sell.

RADIO MAN: [silence]

LEPAGE: I am just appalled at people getting angry at me, for saying, making a comment one day, they protect, protect these people. And the ACLU, mind you, is the worst organization in the state of Maine protecting these people.

RADIO MAN: Maine Governor Paul LePage, ahead of the event in Bangor this evening, I guess he'll be at Husson University, and it starts at 8 o'clock, and you'll be answering the questions. We're asking people if they're going to be tuning in. Um, governor, thank you for your time this morning an—

LEPAGE: You know Ric, what I think we ought to do is bring the guillotine back.


RADIO MAN: Guillotine, eh?

OTHER RADIO MAN (I GUESS?): The Guillotine.

LEPAGE: We could have public executions and have, you know, we could even have, uh, which hole it falls in.

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