Ted Cruz won a big victory Monday night at the Iowa caucuses, overcoming late polls that showed him narrowly trailing GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

And the Texas senator savored the victory, with a speech that began well before Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's kind-of-victory speech on the Democratic side, and then extended well afterward.

In fact, while CNN and MSNBC carried Clinton's remarks live -- perhaps because the Democratic result was still up in the air and we all wanted to see how she's address it -- Fox News stayed with Cruz. And stayed with him. And stayed with him.

Cruz, with good reason, was enjoying himself.

And perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Cruz, after all, made a name for himself with a 21-hour-plus speech on the Senate floor in which he cited "Green Eggs and Ham." It remains one of the longest continuous speeches in Senate history.

It was also a marked contrast to Donald Trump, who came out and delivered a surprisingly gracious speech in less than four minutes after finishing in a disappointing second place.