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Donald Trump: A man of many contradictions [Video]

Donald Trump went back on his claim that his campaign had a "strong" ground game in Iowa – and that's not the first time he's contradicted himself. (Video: Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)

Donald Trump’s post-Iowa recovery period has gone through a few interesting stages. First he was subdued, even quiet; he stayed off of Twitter for 15 whole hours – a rarity for him in this campaign. And then, predictably, Trump returned to form, lashing out at the media, tweeting that Ted Cruz “stole” Iowa and declaring the state “meaningless.”

It’s natural for campaigns to spin primary results, especially when those results don’t meet expectations. But when Trump told Fox News on Tuesday that he “didn’t have much of a ground game” in Iowa, it was a surprising admission.

That's because Trump claimed just six weeks ago that he had an “incredible ground game" in the state.

Of course, it’s not the first time Trump has changed his tune on an issue. He was pro-choice before he was pro-life. He used to like Ted Cruz, at least publicly (and the same goes for Hillary Clinton, who he’s repeatedly praised in interviews over the years). And Trump is by no means the first politician to flip-flop on an issue (see the exchanges over candidates’ previous positions on immigration amnesty at the last GOP debate in Des Moines for a recent example).

Whether or not Trump had a strong ground game in Iowa is not likely to be an issue voters particularly care about, especially now that the caucuses are over. But for a candidate whose whole persona is that of a guy who tells it like it is and doesn't have time for B.S., it could be a problem if Trump is seen as just spinning.