As expected, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary. Allowing us to turn our attention to a secondary consideration: Who is doing better or worse than expected.

Coming in to the primary, Real Clear Politics averaged polling in the Democratic and Republican races. This is how we expected both Trump and Sanders to win handily tonight, obviously. But it also allows us to compare how each candidate did to those polls -- and how the candidates lower on the pecking order performed. (In Iowa last week, Marco Rubio's over-performing of the late polls gave him the appearance of momentum.)

For example: John Kasich. The Ohio governor was in the middle of the pack in the polls, but some early indicators suggested that he might do better than expected.

So we created this tool that we'll update regularly, showing how each candidate was expected to do (blue bars) versus how he or she actually did (yellow). If the blue bar is higher, the candidate is doing worse than expected. If the yellow bar is higher, he or she is doing better.

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