During a speech at Clemson University on Wednesday evening, Donald Trump's impressionist painting of a political speech included a few dabs of the much-despised educational restructuring known as Common Core.

"Common Core: A total disaster," Trump said. "We're going to educate our kids. By the way, Jeb Bush loves Common Core. He wants people educated from Washington. Right there he loses. Jeb Bush loves Common Core."

Trump has never liked Common Core, given that it is much-despised by conservatives. That's part of Trump's success, seizing on things that people hate and hating them harder and more loudly.

So it was obvious that when he again referred to Common Core later in his speech as being something that "we're gonna keep," he misspoke.

"So, you're ready? Common Core we're gonna ... we're gonna keep," he said. "Trade we're gonna make great. Military we're gonna go through the ... we're gonna make it so great. All of the things that I said: Obamacare we repeal, we replace, it's a disaster, it's a disaster. We can't have it any more."

Trump has the world's best memory, but even the world's best memory can get tripped up for a second. People jumped on Trump saying he'd keep Common Core, but it's clear he just stumbled over his words.

Or did he. Trump got so much flak for the comment that he addressed it on Twitter this morning.


You were? So were you saying that Bush was also going to make trade great? The military through the roof? That's all, what, a quote?

This is hardly the first time that Trump has made a mistake and refused to cop to it. There was the time that an intern "did a Retweet" mocking Iowans. The time that he preferred an endorsement from Vladimir Putin to condemning Putin's track record of assassinations. And, really, any one of the other things that he has said which he perhaps should not have and for which he's paid no political price.

That's the whole game, really. Trump's veneer of omnipotence is more important than a core of consistency. It's part of the reason why he keeps insisting that Ted Cruz stole Iowa. Trump always wins and he's always right and his memory's flawless.

Even when it isn't.