For those of us lucky enough to not live in an early primary state, it can be hard to imagine the deluge that has washed our friends in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina out to sea. Day in and day out, they're forced to endure pieces of mail, campaigns calling, people knocking on their doors, and -- worst of all -- a "Clockwork Orange" barrage of advertisements, one after the other, each time they turn on their television sets. It is not an exaggeration when I say that commercial breaks will often be an ad from one candidate followed by another, followed by an ad from a Super PAC, followed by the first candidate again.

Thanks to the Political TV Ad Archive, compiled by the people at San Francisco's Internet Archive, we can give you a sense of what a day in South Carolina TV looks like a few days before the election.

The Political TV Ad Archive documents the airing of each ad that's shown in the state, including when it started and finished. That allows us to speed through a regular day -- in our case, Monday, Feb. 15 -- showing you each and every ad that aired on broadcast television that day in two of the state's largest markets, when it aired.

Bear in mind, this is just broadcast ad buys in two markets. If you're watching cable, these ads are actually showing much more frequently. (Want to actually watch them? Click the animated versions of each.)

But again: Words can't describe. Enjoy what it would have been like to be trapped in a room in Columbia on Monday with your eyeballs pried open, an array of televisions in front of you.