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Jeb Bush is having a bad week. And, boy, it shows. [Video]

Jeb Bush's frustration is starting to show on the campaign trail. (Video: Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)

Jeb Bush has had a tough week on the campaign trail. And even he seems to admit it.

The former Florida governor, who it was once predicted would be one of the strongest candidates in the 2016 GOP field, has been going at it with Donald Trump for months. But this week, his campaign took on a different tone, when a clearly frustrated Bush let his anger show at campaign events in South Carolina, sometimes even becoming testy with his own supporters.

"I should stop campaigning, maybe, huh?" he said at a Wednesday rally. "Let's just – it's all done."

Just last week, the Bush campaign was showing signs of life. A fourth-place finish in New Hampshire wasn't the big comeback Jeb wanted after getting crushed in the Iowa caucuses, but it was enough to generate a little buzz around his candidacy. Add in the possibility of an endorsement from popular South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and -- who knows -- maybe he could surge in the Palmetto State and become truly relevant again?

But that endorsement didn't come. In fact, it went to Marco Rubio, Bush's protege -- just a day after Bush talked up its importance to him.

Ouch. Bush's frustration extended to Rubio, too. "It's hard for me to be lectured by a gifted young guy who thinks going to a committee hearing means you think you know something about the world," he vented on Wednesday.

And when a young fan at a rally on Thursday asked Bush about his favorite book, he sarcastically replied, "Art of the Deal," Trump's 1987 bestseller.

Some of Bush's supporters are actually looking for more fire. "I think the campaign has been co-opted by the P.T. Barnum of our time," one supporter told Bush about Trump. "And I think he is getting you off your message — your good message."

Another supporter, looking for more passion from the candidate, asked, "Can you be — excuse me for saying in the vernacular — a son of a bitch?"

Bush’s frustration is somewhat understandable; he needs a big night on Saturday in the South Carolina primary to really justify staying in the race. Although, of course, he could have the money to keep going for a long time regardless of the results.