John Kasich listens to Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy. No, that's not a joke – it's his real answer to Anderson Cooper's question at Thursday night's GOP town hall event in South Carolina. And Kasich's answer wasn't the only surprising one.

Debates and town hall events are often filled with stump speeches, rehearsed lines and enough policy questions to bore the pants off the average, non-political-wonk American (at least after nine debates). So it was nice to hear Cooper ask candidates at the two town hall events this week a few humanizing questions at the end. And, unlike on some issues (like abortion and funding the military), there was actually some contrast among the candidates.

Donald Trump is a big classic rock fan. Marco Rubio listens to EDM – that's "electronic dance music," for the uninitiated. Ben Carson listens to classical music, specifically from the Baroque period (think Vivaldi or Bach). Jeb Bush thinks that he likes "the Florida Georgia band" (he probably meant Florida-Georgia Line). Ted Cruz wasn't asked specifically what he listens to, but he did start singing on stage when asked about the voicemail messages he leaves for his wife.

Trump was even able to turn his answer into another example of how rich and successful he is, launching into a long-winded story about how Michael Jackson once lived in Trump Tower.

While talking about their music preferences probably won't get the candidates many voters, their answers do provide a small glimpse of the people the presidential contenders are when they're not onstage at a rally, or shaking hands at a retail stop. In a process that is so often scripted and staged, a human moment can feel very refreshing.