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Donald Trump loves the ‘poorly educated’ — and just about everyone else in Nevada

Donald Trump – who has always been an unfiltered candidate – said he loves "the poorly educated" during his Nevada caucus victory speech on Feb. 24, 2016. (Video: Peter Stevenson/The Washington Post)

Donald Trump might be the most unfiltered candidate in the history of American presidential politics. He says what he wants to say, when he wants to say it.

After capturing his third consecutive victory in the early GOP nomination contests, Trump enjoyed himself. What was not to like? He didn't just win Nevada handily; he won almost every demographic that appeared on preliminary caucus entrance polls — even Hispanic voters, despite his controversial comments on illegal immigration.

So when a clearly pleased Trump spoke to raucous supporters at the Treasure Island casino in the early hours of Wednesday, he declared his love — for evangelicals, for Hispanics, and somewhat bizarrely, for "the poorly educated."

Clearly Trump was trying to say that he loves anyone who votes for him, regardless of their background. But as he continues to score victories in a presidential run that has been light on specifics about what policies he would pursue to help "the poorly educated," among others, it was still striking. A lot of political professionals remain baffled by the extent of Trump's appeal. In the meantime, Trump takes home more delegates.