(Illustration by Dan Worthington/The Washington Post)

Sooooo. The Fix -- and it seems much of Twitter -- could not help but notice that Chris Christie showed up in Florida at Donald Trump's faux Versailles -- er, we mean Mar-a-Lago -- and had some difficulties.

Technically, he was there to introduce a victorious Trump. Trump was prepared to talk about his big Super Tuesday wins -- for a long time. Christie was less prepared to be standing behind Trump the entire time.

Christie, of course, dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Trump when his own campaign fell apart early last month. And, well, it's not completely clear he has made peace with that.

First, behold Christie.

Once Trump took the stage, Twitter stepped in to annotate the, um, various things that Christie was doing with his face.

But even Twitter was, at times, at a near loss for words. Remember, these faces were happening in public, during a televised victory speech and or press conference.

Then, it got a little worse. Trump made a couple of casual references to New Jersey, Christie and others in that state moving to other places. Apparently, this isn't something about which Christie was ready for Mr. Trump to say.

Just in case you missed the Christie frown up above, consider this close up.

And then, there were these thoughts brought to us by Twitter.

People were concerned. This is, after all, a sitting governor. Six New Jersey newspapers just published an editorial calling for Christie to resign or voters to initiate a recall. But still.

It was not a good night.

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